How Exercise Increases Stem Cell Production

The role of stem cells in slowing aging and preserving good health has been highlighted recently in numerous studies. Experts agree that stimulating stem cells is beneficial for the human body in various ways. Fortunately, simply exercising can provide this benefit. As a result, you need to focus on exercise even more as you grow older or as you recover from injury. 

Mesenchymal Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells in muscles are vital to their repair when injuries or atrophy occur. Exercise has been found to stimulate the development of these cells, leading to faster healing. Also, the loss of muscle mass is slowed in older individuals by exercise, which stimulates these stem cells. These cells also help other cells to build new muscle fiber. 

Bone Growth

Studies have shown that a modest exercise program can influence stem cells to turn into bone instead of fat. When you are sedentary, you develop more fat cells in your bone marrow, leading to conditions such as anemia. In fact, learning how to harness exercise to improve stem cell production can lead to less dependence on drug treatments for certain medical conditions. 

Heart Benefits

Other studies have shown that stimulating stem cell growth can help people who have suffered heart attacks or other heart issues recover better. Stem cells can also slow down the heart's aging process.  In addition to upping your stem cell production, you might get a doctor to inject additional stem cells to help control your heart condition. 

Exercise Program

To get your stem cells up to snuff, try working out 8-12 hours a week at a level that makes talking difficult. Experts recommend biking, running, and weightlifting. In fact, weight lifters have been found to have excellent stem cells. If you are uncertain about what exercises suit you or about how to begin such a program, hire a personal trainer or get help at the gym. If you are not in shape to take on a traditional exercise program due to injury or illness, simply up your activity level as much as you possibly can. Every little bit helps when it comes to stem cells. Even people who are bedridden have the ability to do some sort of exercise, including feet and arm rotations. 

Research into the benefits of stem cells has shown how important they are to slowing aging and aiding in healing. This focus on stem cell production offers hope to people who have already lost significant muscle mass or suffered from certain illnesses. Talk to a fitness expert at a clinic like Glory Wellness Center and Weight Loss Clinic about how you can increase your own stem cell production.