How To Keep Your Sanity And Lose Weight In A World That’s Diet Crazy

It seems as if the entire world has gone diet crazy. Everywhere you look there's a new diet book being launched, and the covers of popular magazines always seem to be touting a brand new weight loss method. The diet madness can be a little confusing for those who want to lose weight and get healthy. While most diets work if you follow them, sticking with them long-term is another story. 

It is possible to keep your sanity, lose weight, and improve your health by getting back to a few weight loss basics that seem to have gotten lost amidst the diet craziness.

Know the Truth

The only way to shed excess pounds is to burn more calories than you consume. Overeating and lack of activity lead to weight gain. Moving more and eating less will help you shed weight, unless you are medically unable to do so. 

Plan your Meals

Many diets require you to write down your food or to count calories, etc. If you hate keeping track of every bite you eat, meal planning can be a great alternative to keeping a food diary.

Planning your meals for an entire week has multiple benefits. The small amount of time it takes to plan meals can save you time later in the week. The benefits of preplanning meals include:

  • You can make one trip to the grocery store rather than multiple trips throughout the week. Less shopping equals less money spent on impulse purchases.

  • You don't have to wonder what you're going to make for dinner each night.

  • You can eliminate eating the same things every week by planning new recipes into your menu plan.

To plan your meals, begin by choosing a main dish or meat. Add a starch such as potatoes, rice, or pasta. Round out your meal plan by adding a vegetable or two and fresh fruit for dessert.

One-dish meals like casseroles, stews, or soups only need to be accompanied by a salad to make a complete meal.

If your main course consists of a low-calorie soup, you could splurge by having a rich dessert like pie, cake, or ice cream for a treat.

Beware of Portion Distortion

Stick to the serving sizes of foods. Most packages list what a typical serving is in ounces. Weigh your portions carefully on a kitchen scale. Use measuring spoons and cups to make sure you aren't overeating.

Get Moving

Love it or hate it, exercise is here to stay when it comes to weight loss. Find an activity you enjoy and stick with it. Simple choosing to walk a little each day will pay off in weight loss benefits.

Drink Water

Water should be your main beverage. Calorie-laden soft drinks, juices, and alcoholic beverages are not forbidden but should be consumed in moderation only.

You truly can lose weight without getting caught up in the diet madness. Plan your meals, watch your portions, move more, and drink your water. Getting back to the basics of weight loss can save your sanity in a diet crazy world.

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